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Endometriosis – The Mystery Disorder – A Likely Cause and Treatment

Many health practitioners – Conventional and Holistic – have differing opinions about what exactly causes endometriosis and thus how to treat it.
Here is what Conventional medicine practitioners say…
No one knows for sure what causes this disease. Researchers are studying possible causes:
  • Problems with menstrual period flow. Retrograde menstrual flow.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Immune system problems.
  • Hormones. The hormone estrogen appears to promote endometriosis.
  • Surgery. During a surgery to the abdominal area, such as a Cesarean (C-section) or hysterectomy, endometrial tissue could be picked up and moved by mistake.
And here is what many Holistic medicine practitioners say…
Causes of endometriosis may include:
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Early onset of menses and delayed first pregnancy
  • Under-active thyroid gland
  • Exposure to environmental estrogens – chemicals, animal products.
  • Weakened immunity
  • Candidiasis
  • Stressful emotional patterns
And it’s possible that all or some of these are contributors.
But in all of this, one thing is left unconsidered. Uterine parasites.
Many people think that parasites can only live in our intestines, but they can, in fact, live anywhere in our bodies, and the uterus is the perfect housing for them because the uterus is hollow, and in the uterus they are safe from most intestinal cleanses.
Also, the reason why parasites aren’t considered in conventional medicine is because most people in the academic/medical field consider parasites to be a “third world” problem. Parasites are not solely a third world problem. We live in an age where there are no borders and boundaries. We can travel from one end of the earth to the other in a matter of a few hours. We can experience other cultures and ways of life as long as we hold a passport. Because of this, certain pathologies that were isolated in one region of the world are now easily spread to other areas. Wildlife that was native to one part of the world can suddenly end up in your back yard, disrupting the ecosystem, due to someone smuggling it onto a plane. Even our produce and meats are imported from other countries. Just because something may be a problem in one part of the world doesn’t mean we are immune to it here in the US. Just because one species of animal may be a common host, doesn’t mean we aren’t a possible carrier for it as well (especially if the host animal is part of our diet). So despite our insistence to the contrary, parasites are a problem; one likely causing a myriad of chronic health problems (including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.).
It is very easy to become a host; too easy. The tragic thing about parasites is that they go on living, completely undetected, slowly killing their host by leaving them chronically nutrient deficient, suppressing their immune system, burrowing holes in their organs and slowly eating them alive.
*Consider this: The cells of the endometrial lining of the uterus are specifically designed for that part of the uterus, and nowhere else in the body. How do you think those cells got outside of the uterus? How did that webbing appear from out of nowhere? Does the body decide it’s going to magically displace cells to wherever the heck it wants to?
No. The parasites embed into the uterine wall and make their way out to the intestines and other organs, which paves a way for uterine scar tissue to leave the uterus!

Just think about that! How else can the uterine tissue get to other parts of the body??

This is an epiphany, ladies!

Now… How do you treat it? Well…a good parasite cleanse would be a great start! And I just happen to have just recently discovered one of the best and most simple parasite cleanses out there! How do I know it’s the best? Because I have tried quite a few parasite cleanses! And NOTHING comes close to the results I’ve seen with this one. I’ve actually SEEN the results… physically with my own eyes.. And I’ve FELT the difference in my health.
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So, in my opinion, with a good parasite cleanse combined with the FTF products and Full FTF protocol, you have a great fighting chance at beating this debilitating disease!
Side note: I really love you ladies… And while, yes I am an affiliate for the Black Oxygen company and will make a small commission from any sales, I need you to know that my main goal is always to help you ladies get healed quickly and completely and have your miracle babies. The $20 commission is not my motivation here. I truly love this product and I’m screaming it from the rooftops to everyone I love… And that always includes you ladies. I want for my sister what I want for myself. And in this case, it’s complete restoration of your health and resolution of your natural fertility.
Love and Healing!
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Let’s Start with you. Please Fill out the Form. Also check your email for a free copy of our Healthy Fertility Diet Guide.
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