FTF Healing Tips

by Jodi Shabazz July 03, 2019

There are so many aspects involved with the human body healing itself - many moving parts. I thought I would put together some of the biggest, yet often overlooked aspects and tips to help you move this process along. These tips are intended to go along with the Full Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol, as found in the Complete Book Set, "No! IVF Is NOT Your Only Option!" (This list is NOT the Full Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol.)
Be diligent with Phase 1 Intense Focused Healing.
C/B oil packs - We often need more than just internal care when we are trying to heal. The external stimulation is so very important to not leave out. I would suggest using the C/B oil pack as often as possible during Phase 1 for at least 30-40 minutes. This is a cumulative treatment, so consistency is important, and even a little bit every day is better than just doing it occasionally.
Fertility Massage - Many just are not consistent with the Fertility Massage. Again, in most cases, external stimulation is necessary for complete healing. For best results, please use the Fertility Massage DVD techniques. This DVD was created for healing the Fallopian tubes, in particular. Incorporate this with the C/B oil pack (right after) and do it as often as possible during Phase 1. This is another cumulative treatment that requires consistency. Doing even a little bit every day is much better than doing the full video occasionally.
Address stress - Stress MUST be addressed. In the moment of stress, we are in fight or flight mode, and survival is the #1 priority. Which is great if we are being chased by a lion. But the problem is many of us are chronically stressed every day, just trying to meet a deadline at work, fighting traffic, arguing with the spouse, etc. It's not our fault, it's just our fast-paced high tech society that has caused this for the most part. But when we are stressed, our healing mechanisms are turned off! Not good! So we HAVE to counteract this.
I highly recommend the Fertility Qi Gong DVD for reducing stress and improving the body's natural healing response. Another thing I would highly suggest is to start practicing square breathing. It's an excellent stress reducer and you can do it throughout the day whenever you feel that tension coming on. All you have to do is inhale for 7 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds. And repeat this 4-5 times or more, until you feel the tension release. And do this as often as necessary throughout the day. It's also a good idea to start and end the day with this practice.
Vitamin C - This is a powerful healing vitamin. And the wonderful part is that it's water soluble, so you cannot overdose on it! Each person has a different saturation level, to where their body will release what is not needed in the form of loose stools. This is when you know that your optimal dose is just below this level.
Here is how you will figure out your daily optimal dose:
Take vitamin C to the level of tissue saturation, which will cause watery diarrhea. You need to purchase powdered mineral ascorbate C. Take two or three teaspoons of vitamin C powder, mix with water and drink. Half an hour later, repeat. If you don’t have diarrhea 30 minutes after the second dose, do it again. If you haven’t gotten diarrhea after three doses, take 2 to 3 teaspoons every 15 minutes. If you still haven’t experienced diarrhea after another hour, increase the dosage. Stop once you get diarrhea. Keep track of how much vitamin C you take. (You will only do this one time to determine your daily optimal dosage.)
Your daily optimal dosage is three-quarters of the amount it takes to produce a vitamin C flush. For example, if it takes 10 teaspoons to induce a diarrhea effect, you will take 7.5 teaspoons per day as your daily optimal dose. (The way to calculate this is to take the number of teaspoons necessary to induce a diarrhea effect, multiplied by .75; So, 10 x .75 = 7.5 teaspoons/day.)
Desiccated Liver - I talked a bit about this in the group a couple weeks ago. It's amazing! It contains many of the key elements that assist greatly with healing! Desiccated liver encompasses all of the essential amino acids!! Including the ever important arginine and glutamine, in reference to the study below. It also includes zinc, copper and CoQ10. I recommend Perfect Supplements brand for the highest quality product. And it's only $20 for a month's supply of this super nutrient.
Research has shown that certain nutrients such as aloe vera, arginine, glutamine, zinc, copper, and vitamin C play key roles in wound healing [Vaxman et al. 1990; Worwag et al. 1999]. The typical Western diet is deficient in these nutrients.
And you have your vitamin C covered as mentioned above.
Get your vitamin D tested. A deficiency is vitamin D can cause very slow healing, as well as many other negative factors in our lives. And many people are walking around severely deficient and don't even realize it. So, please as soon as possible, get this test ordered.
Get your thyroid tested. The thyroid controls basically every aspect of our functioning bodies. In fact, without the thyroid, we would die. It effects not just our metabolism in maintaining weight, but also our hormones and our self-healing abilities. With a slow thyroid, you will inevitably have slow healing. The tests necessary are TSH, Free T3, Free T4, and thyroid antibodies. Insist on this full panel - most doctors are stuck in the stone ages and only want to test TSH. But that's only because they don't know how to treat a "normal" TSH level with a low Free T3/Free T4. So, they prefer to just not open this can of worms. But sadly, many people have conversion problems. They cannot convert the T4 medication (Synthroid/Levothyroxine) to the acitve T3 thyroid hormone in their bodies. I am one of them. So, in addition to my daily Levothyroxine, I also have to take Liothyronine sodium (direct T3). And now ALL of my thyroid numbers are good. This is the only way your body will be able to optimally function and heal properly.
Diet - Many people think they can simply take supplements and not worry about changing their diet. This is not your fault either. Again, we've been programmed to believe that we just take this medicine and we don't have to worry about what we eat. Thanks Big Pharma. Big Pharma doesn't want people well. It's not healthcare. It's sickcare. Their goal is not to heal anyone. It's simply to cover up symptoms with a "band-aid." Which in some cases, can be a good thing temporarily until we can get to the root of the problem naturally. But unfortunately, many times the drug prescribed creates another problem that you will need another drug for. It's an ugly, vicious cycle. (*By no means does this tangent say to stop your RX meds. NEVER attempt to do that unsupervised without the help of monitoring with your doctor.)
My point in saying all of that is this: We have to go back to the basics. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates said: "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food." It's as simple as that! Our food IS medicine! And it does matter! It is either HELPING your body or HARMING your body. There is no in between. So, think about that with everything you intend to put in your mouth. "Will this help my body or will it harm my body?"
Please read in the book from page 74-78 about the dangers of inflammatory foods. With chronic inflammation, we simply cannot heal. It's like trying to swim upstream.
And then please read pages 82-85 to learn the best type of diet that is conducive to healing.
And lastly, try not to compare your body's healing with others. Everyone heals at a different pace, and much of this is just beyond our control. But I do believe that with these additions/reminders to your already very stable program and diligence, you all will get there. Just hang in there and keep going. 

Jodi Shabazz
Jodi Shabazz


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