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Monica B.
Here's my story. I've been TTC for almost 5 years now it's been a struggle and constant heartbreak. Having PCOS can makes it hard to conceive so a couple years ago I had ovarian Drilling, my left tube unblocked, and polyps removed, but still no baby so my only option was to lose weight so I did 90lbs lost so far so I went back to my fertility doctor and we were going to start up with the medicines again to do an IUI. Was ordered to get an HSG finding out my polyps were back and both my tubes where blocked this time so I was told my only option was IVF to get pregnant and that also comes with a big Bill of $28,000. So my husband and I started to do research and came across Jodi page got a lot of info that was helpful so I started to do Castro packs every other night for an hour, 3 Serrapeptase in the am and pm (on an empty stomach) and originally start off with YiMu Cao and XiXian Cao Chinese tea that you drink but it was pure torture it was awful I had to mentally prepare myself to drink this 3 times a day but shortly after I started this thank God Jodi came out with YiMu Cao and XiXian Cao capsule form and it's truly been a god-sent now I take 2 capsules at breakfast, lunch, And at dinner.I've been doing this 2 months consistently and staying on routine I take the pills at the same time everyday. Anyway yesterday I had surgery to take my polyps out and to attempt to unblock my tubes and to my surprise and the doctors surprise my tubes were completely unblocked and I truly believe it's from the all the information that I've gotten from Jodi I followed her plan and there is no other explanation that this worked because two months ago no doubt that my my tubes were completely blocked and now they're completely opened when he push the dye through he said it went right through both of them with no problem.. I'm so thankful I came across Jodi's page because I truly believed IVF was my only option and it wasn't Jodi is IVF isn't your only option.. I have an appointment on the 10th of January to talk about my next step on getting pregnant now we have the option of doing an IUI or Naturally by timing thank you Jodi from all my heart because 2 month ago an IUI or naturally conceiving wasn't even an option and now it is...

I am so thankful that I did not listen to doctors! Ive been searching for months on how to heal my fallopian tubes, and I'm excited to say I'm on the right track. I can wait to come back later and post my BFP!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS BLESSING!

Brandi C
I had a tubal reversal 8/2016. After months of trying to conceive with no luck I had an HSG performed 6/2017. The HSG showed that my left fallopian tube was closed, but my right was open. I frantically started trying to figure out what to do in order to open my left tube on my own, but with so many products out there it was just so overwhelming. I ran across Jodi's book, "No! Ivf Is Not Your Only Option!" and knew I had to have it! I have strictly been following her guidance in the book for about a month now and can feel a remarkable difference already! She writes the book with such inspiration and positivity! Sure you can find all sorts of information online, but none as thorough as what Jodi gives in her book. She gives a step by step regimen on what to do, what to take, how to take it and how often. You definitely want to save yourself the time and hassle, go ahead and get the book and workbook now!! I promise you'll thank me later!
I will be back soon to report my BFP! I know this is our month, I just know it!!
And an extra special thank you to Jodi for all of the time, hard work and God given love that you have put into all of your items! You are certainly a blessing to many!


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