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Let’s be honest, If what you were doing to get pregnant was working, you’d have a baby by now. You need a different approach to your fertility and health,.. And that is exactly what The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is!

So let me ask you... Are you trying to conceive but you have not gotten pregnant and you're too scared to go to the doctor because of what you might be told?…Is this you?

Are you worried about a diagnosis that might be affecting your chances of getting pregnant? i.e. blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, PCOS?…Is this you?

Or maybe you have gone to the doctor’s office and have been told that IVF is your only option, and you can't afford it or simply can't afford the health risks and difficulties associated with IVF…Is this you?

Trying month after month with no success and no plan is only going to keep getting negative pregnancy tests. Don’t keep wasting your fertile years.

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is for you!

The Only Fertility Online Course that takes you, step by step, to a Full and Complete Healing & Healthy Baby

You can become a mom!

This is the right program to help you get pregnant if:

You could be our next mom, just like them:

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is now Available!

Does this sound familiar?

Many of the women I coach talk about how difficult it is to become their own advocate for their fertility treatment.

Many women are left with no option but to become their own 'doctor' when their actual doctors tell them that IVF is their only option to have a baby.

There are so many missing steps… and this course is going to finally lay out a clear path for you.

Getting Pregnant does NOT have to be a difficult process — as long as you have a proven protocol to follow and you're committed to following it. You will get all the answers to your burning questions…

“How do I resolve these fertility issues and get pregnant naturally??"

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol will provide you with a proven fertility plan for you to follow...And will teach you all of the techniques that countless women all over the world have used to resolve their fertility concerns.

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is now Available!

What is the Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol?

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is an online program that teaches you how to take a holistic view of your health to improve fertility - teaching you proven methods for you to follow for every area affecting your reproductive health.

When does it start?

It starts NOW!!

As soon as you enroll, you'll get access to our online curriculum and private community and get unlimited lifetime access to the program & community when you enroll.

What does The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol include?

The program is presented with multiple components:

Component 1:

Become Your Own Fertility Patient

The program starts with educating you on the fallopian tubes and your reproductive system. You will also get a detailed understanding of where your body is at and how you can support it to improve your chances of conception.

This is a very intense, focused healing phase focused solely on repairing your body and your fallopian tubes and entire reproductive system.

Component 2:

Natural Techniques to Resolve Infertility and Improve Fertility

The next module teaches you all the natural therapies you should be doing at home (and nobody told you!) to heal yourself and increase fertility.

Video tutorials and detailed worksheets to help you improve uterine health, fallopian tube health, regulate your cycles, increase egg quality, regulate hormones and more!

Component 3:

Learn What to Eat to Get Pregnant

You believe you're eating healthy... but are you nourishing your fertility? In my award-winning fertility diet guide you will get a fertility-approved nutritional plan that will contribute to the improvement of your health & fertility. This guide includes a shopping list, nutritional plan, etc...even a Fertility Detox to reset your body to optimal fertility!

Component 4:

Change your Beliefs to Be More Fertile

When there is a fertility struggle the first question tends to be: "What's wrong with me?"

A big part of getting pregnant has to do with the mind, emotions and even a spiritual component. Fear can creep in on us on many levels, some very subtle. This lesson gives you actionable tools and videos to calm the mind and manifest your baby.

You will ALSO receive these Amazing Bonuses - FREE!:

The Support & Accountability you Need

Access to our private members-only Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol Facebook Group to connect with other women going through the same journey. This is where you'll learn a few more tips and tricks to get the most out of this protocol to improve your chances of success. Your FAQs are also answered here and we share with you some of our amazing Success Stories too for some added inspiration and hope!

You have now all the pieces of the puzzle & will be able to take control of your reproductive health!

The Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol is now Available!

FAQs about the FTF Protocol

The program cost is $297. This cost includes your first month of all 3 FTF supplements FREE. *(Just be sure to choose option A on the next page)

Our Customer Service Staff provides support via email, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST. We do our best to respond to inquiries within 48 business hours or less.

This is a Do it Yourself type of program. It does NOT include talking with Dr. Shabazz 1on1 or a personalized plan created by Dr. Shabazz. You’ll be able to follow this proven plan by learning the techniques in the FTF Protocol Online Course. However, you will have access to Dr. Shabazz in our private members-only Facebook group.

When you complete your purchase for the FTF Protocol Online Course, you will receive a Welcome email with instructions for logging into your FTF account and accessing the FTF Course Lessons, where you’ll find the video tutorials and pdf support material. Your first month of FTF Supplements are included in the program cost, after which, your FTF Supplement subscription will renew monthly.

Our clinical results have shown us that following the FTF Protocol exactly for 3-9 months consistently gives the best possible chance of success. More difficult cases may need extra time.

If you have had a tubal ligation (“tubes tied”), you will need to have a tubal reversal surgery. The negative aspect of this surgery, though, is that it often causes more scar tissue and tubal blockage. This is when and where our protocol comes into play.

We suggest that women follow our FTF Protocol for a month before the tubal ligation reversal surgery and then again for a few months after the surgery. This is done to prevent scar tissue and blockage from the surgery itself.

Yes, it is possible to follow the program as a vegan/vegetarian, making substitutions as necessary. There are suggestions and considerations for vegetarians and vegans in the meal plans and food recommendations. Do keep in mind that while we have considerations, we do not have specific meal plans for vegetarians as the protocol and dietary recommendations do lean more heavily on clean animal proteins for optimal results. We have had many successful vegetarian and vegan clients. You’ll just modify the meal plans and dietary guidelines to work with your own diet.

As with all therapies, we can never guarantee that it will work for every person the same way. Everyone responds and heals differently. I do, however, have confidence that following this specific plan will work for the vast majority, if given sufficient time, adherence, and patience.

Yes, although this protocol was originally designed for fallopian tube blockage, many of our clients who also had these other fertility conditions along with blocked fallopian tubes were also able to resolve these other conditions while following the FTF Protocol!

We believe that our fertility program works. If you do the work and follow the recommendations, you’ll see results. That’s why we do not offer refunds. However, if you feel like you need more support than what the FTF Protocol offers, you can upgrade to a personalized 1on1 consultation with Dr. Shabazz.

FTF Course (available in Audio & Video):
A Comprehensive Detailed Plan from A-Z to Successfully Heal and Unblock your Fallopian Tubes!

Plus! FREE Access to our Private Member Facebook Group to ask questions on your journey. You are never alone! We are here to help you.

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Let’s Start with you. Please Fill out the Form. Also check your email for a free copy of our Healthy Fertility Diet Guide.
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