How long will it take to heal my fallopian tubes?

This is dependent on a few variables - 1) how long your tubes have been blocked, 2) how severe they are, 3) the location of blockage, 4) how consistent you are with treatment, and 5) your good health in general.

The body works in order of importance, so your body will always choose to heal more priority issues like heart disease, for example, leaving the reproductive system off until the rest of the body is balanced and healthy.

The fastest results I've seen is two months; the longest is up to a year and a half; or it could possibly take a little longer, depending on your particular circumstances and how seriously you follow this plan.


Will my tubes close back up after they are healed and open?

No, the scar tissue only develops because there was an infection or injury present. It's a natural healing response to inflammation. So if there's no longer any inflammation, infection, or injury present, there's no scar tissue, and consequently, no blockage.


Does this also work for endometriosis or fibroids?

Yes, I've seen these therapies work for endometriosis and fibroids, as the culprit is still the same - inflammation, adhesions and fibrosis. With these conditions though, I do suggest you continue to follow the maintenance plan even after your health has improved, as these two issues can reoccur if left untreated.


If I had a tubal ligation, will these treatments heal and open my tubes?

First, you will need to have a tubal reversal to open your tubes surgically. Although, unfortunately, what often happens with any surgery is the recurrence of new scar tissue after the surgery, as I mention in the chapter, 'Why Surgery Is Not Recommended.’ This is the reason the tubes often tend to close back up even after tubal reversal. But implementing these therapies, after the surgery for at least a few months should prevent new scar tissue from forming. After a few months of daily treatment, I suggest you continue to follow a maintenance plan until you successfully conceive.


I’ve been researching online and it seems that some ladies have healed themselves with only Serrapeptase. Why can’t I just take Serrapeptase and not all of the rest of these therapies?

Yes, it’s true that some women are successful only taking Serrapeptase. However, many ladies who go this route find out in a follow-up HSG that their tubes are still blocked. Natural healing is a science. Even though Serrapeptase alone will heal some women, it’s not a cure-all. I would hate for you to spend nine months to a year only taking Serrapeptase and then get your follow-up HSG and find out that your tubes are still blocked. I’ve seen this happen.

This is the reason I have developed this formula to use as a holistic, whole body, healing plan. It does take more than just Serrapeptase in most cases. Why spend nine months to a year trying it this way (using only Serrapeptase) and possibly find out that your tubes are still blocked? We don’t have time to waste. You could be one of those lucky ladies who only need Serrapeptase, and you are successful in healing your tubes. But why chance it? You have much greater chances of success using all or, at least, most of the therapies in this book, with the plan and different phases designed around them.


Why can't I just search on Google to find this stuff? Why do I need this book?

Well, actually, you can. I spent over 15 years searching on Google and formally studying natural healing of the body. So, yes, it can be done. There is information out there. However, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen (aka con artists) mixed in with it. I've also seen many women totally screw up their cycles experimenting on themselves with different, unnecessary herbs and supplements after receiving incorrect information. So, now they have blocked tubes and their cycle is messed up. Herbs are medicine. You can take the wrong ones, and they can affect you negatively if you don't know what you're doing.

Sure, you will find drops of truth here and there on the internet. But then your conundrum is figuring out the details. How much do you take of each product? How often? What's the appropriate dosage? What times during my cycle do I take them? How long will it take for them to work? How will I know they are working? Are these therapies safe? Should I be doing these therapies in combination or alone? How do I keep up with all of it? What's the best course of action to achieve healing in the shortest amount of time possible?

These questions are what inspired me to write this book. These questions are asked over and over again, and there was no place with all of the answers. Until now. I spent most of my adult life researching this specific subject (natural healing, and more specifically, natural healing of the fallopian tubes), so I want to offer you my knowledge, experience, and learning curve.

I had the worst case of tubal blockage, deemed 'incurable' and inoperable. So, if the severe blockage that I had can be healed...any case of blockage can be healed, in my opinion. But you need experience, knowledge, and guidance on your side. With this comprehensive plan in place, you now have all of the tools at your disposal to get to work, without any guessing or negligently experimenting on yourself. This book is not just random tips. It's a detailed, action-oriented, holistic, whole-body plan that is designed to achieve complete healing in the shortest amount of time possible.These methods work. I have proven that, and so have many other women. Let me be your guide, and we will do this together.


Do you guarantee that this will work for me?

As with all therapies, we can never guarantee that it will work for every person the same way. Everyone responds and heals differently. I do, however, have confidence that following this specific plan will work for the vast majority, if given sufficient time, diligence, and patience.


Do you offer one on one personalized care?

Yes, I understand that some people prefer to have a coach to help them along the way, to guide them on their journey, motivate them, and help them make tweaks with the program if need be, so they can get to the finish line as smooth and quickly as possible. I would love to offer this support to you. Please contact us for more info.