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The digital Comprehensive A-Z Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol to successfully heal your fallopian tubes! ***Plus the Private Member Fallopian Tube Formula Group Access! 

Included is a detailed plan with two powerful phases designed to get you to your complete healing in the shortest amount of time possible. Phase One is the incredible, uniquely developed, Intense Healing Phase focused solely on repairing your body and your fallopian tubes. Phase Two is designed to follow up and complete the healing of phase one, while now also helping you to conceive. The FTF Workbook is vital to keep you on track daily with charts, calendars, supplement reminders, specific exercises, and sample supplement schedules.

And now we have the newly added, super helpful FTF Cheat Sheet to refer to on your journey!

Learn the proven techniques and supplements that the author used to heal her own fallopian tubes, now streamlined into an easy-to-follow, complete program. There’s no guesswork. It’s all laid out for you.

The author’s fallopian tubes were so severely damaged that she was told that they would need to be removed to even attempt IVF. Thankfully, she was stubborn. She still has her fallopian tubes, and they are now open and healthy.

The Complete Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol also includes the three Fallopian Tube Formula Therapeutic Videos – Fertility Massage, Fertility Qi Gong, and Fertility Visualization.


The Fallopian Tube Formula Fertility Massage Video

This Fertility Massage Video is nothing like any other massage video you’ve ever seen. This course focuses on breaking up adhesions and helping to heal even the most severe fallopian tube blockage, while also addressing the uterus positioning, ovarian health, and digestive system. It also includes a bonus tutorial on castor oil packs.


The Fallopian Tube Formula Fertility Qi Gong Video

This Fertility Qi Gong Video uses ancient Chinese medicine techniques to bring flowing energy (qi) back into your body to break through any blockages and stagnation, and release negative energy that may be hindering your healing process. This is an awesome adjunct to your physical therapies and supplement plan. This could be the missing link! Don’t miss out on the powerful benefits of Fertility Qi Gong. Also included is a brief introduction to Qi Gong and it’s many health benefits.


The Fallopian Tube Formula Fertility Visualization Video

This Fertility Visualization Video incorporates the very foundation of intense, focused healing. Get your mind right and the baby will follow! We have to adjust our thinking to a positive mindset that invites and allows new creation within us. This video includes three extraordinary healing visualizations and a bonus Mind Movie to really grab your imagination and make your thoughts your REALITY. Remember, what you focus on expands!



Plus the Private Member Fallopian Tube Formula Facebook Forum!

Another valuable component is the private member Fallopian Tube Formula Facebook Forum. Exclusive members gather here to learn from each other, as well as learn straight from the author and creator of the Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol, Jodi Shabazz. This is your follow-up support along your healing journey. Here is where you will get the scoop! Your specific questions are answered, and VIP tips are given.


Get the eBook, eWorkbook, Videos, and FTF Cheat Sheet sent directly to your device TODAY! No waiting, no shipping charges and no taxes! Start learning today. Start healing tonight.

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