Fallopian Tube Formula Fertility Qi Gong Digital Download

The Fallopian Tube Formula Fertility Qi Gong DVD uses ancient Chinese medicine techniques to bring flowing energy (qi) back into your body to break through any blockages and stagnation, and release negative energy that may be hindering your healing process. This is an awesome adjunct to your physical therapies and supplement plan in the book plus workbook set, "No! IVF Is NOT Your Only Option!".

What Is Qi Gong? Say what?? Qi...what? How do you even say it?! OK, so first let me tell you how to pronounce this funny word. It's an ancient Chinese healing technique (pronounced chee-gong). ‘Qi’ means energy and ‘Gong’ means work; it works with your body's energy.

Chinese medicine explains it this way: When your ‘Qi’ energy isn't flowing freely, you can get sick, stressed, or emotionally out of balance. Pain, disease, health problems and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy. Qi Gong is a way to gently and thoroughly release nearly all energy blocks and eliminate most causes of imbalances and illness. Qi Gong helps people to heal and balance the energy in the body. They're sick because of energy blockages in different places throughout the body. These blockages in the body block the energy flow, and then the body gets sick.

Qi Gong is a simple healing movement and meditation that helps you to unblock these energy blockages so that the energy can flow freely in the body - and then the body heals. It's immensely powerful, yet the practice of Qi Gong is surprisingly simple and very easy to do! By moving Qi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments, including infertility.

This could be the missing link! Don't miss out on the powerful benefits of Fertility Qi Gong. Also included is a brief introduction to Qi Gong and it's many health benefits.

Can be purchased separately or with the Complete Fallopian Tube Formula Set.

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More Success Stories

In case you wanted to enjoy just a few more success stories...


Tanya says,

“I am soooo excited to be sharing this! I’m pregnant!!!! In October of 2014, I found out both of my tubes were blocked proximally (at uterus end). I had an HSG to confirm. I then started these therapies very soon after but stopped in December. In January 2015, I had a laparoscopy, and it showed complete blockage in my right side and partially on the left side. I’m pretty sure the therapies in this plan had done that, because they were both blocked to begin with. I started doing the plan again consistently in the middle of January 2017 and here we are!!!

It took me five years to conceive. Never give up. If I would have known about these supplements and how effective they could be, I would have been serious about it a long time ago when I heard of them to heal.”


Andrea says… 

“Hello! I wanted to share my testimony quickly. I had a blocked left tube (HSG) and fibroids, diagnosed in June of 2015. I had myomectomy surgery in August of 2015 to remove all seven fibroids. I started these natural therapies in February of 2016. We got our BFP in July!

What I wanted to share is that I had an emergency C-section this past Friday and I was told by the doctor that performed the C-section, that I had NO SCAR TISSUE ON MY UTERUS since the myomectomy…God is good, and the natural treatments did their job after my procedure! I will resume some of the therapies for general good health once I know it’s safe during breastfeeding! Don’t give up. You will see the benefits of your hard work!”




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