We all love success stories, don’t we? I know I do. It gives us hope and belief that what we are doing has proven to be effective for others, so hopefully, it will be just as effective for us. These success stories are from real women just like you and me. I have changed the names to protect their privacy, but the stories are absolutely true. So let’s dive right in! Enjoy.


“So, I never got the chance to talk with my doctor about what he actually saw on my LAP (or I was frustrated and didn’t ask at that moment), but I called the office today and asked exactly how much blockage was in my tubes at the time of LAP. And guess what! THERE WAS NONE! I went from completely blocked tubes to completely open tubes in nine months (maybe less, but I don’t know)!!! Don’t give up and keep your supplements going!! Now, in retrospect I wish they would have just given me the HSG instead of the invasion of surgery, but why cry over spilled milk!”

[This lady had bilateral blockage for 20+years with extensive scar tissue and adhesions.]


“I went for my 2nd HSG today and what I thought would be tears of pain were tears of joy – BOTH sides were wide open!! I have been off the plan for a while but I did do it for about 7 months (started slow; then increased), so I don’t know what exactly helped but thank you God for this amazing result!!! Now I just have to battle PCOS to get ovulating.”


“Some of you don’t believe or have that doubt you won’t conceive. Don’t ever feel that way, let me tell you why. My sister had stage 3 endometriosis. The doctors told her she had 0% chance to conceive on her own; she was in and out of the hospital for almost three years, in a lot of pain. They did nothing for her…only offered her pain killers and birth control pill. She never took the pill, so she cried most days as the doctor told her that her womb is full of scar tissue and endometriosis. Well, I explained to her about this therapy, so she did it for I think maybe seven weeks and she is now eleven weeks pregnant! The baby is in the right place, the heartbeat is healthy, and the doctors are stunned. I’m so happy for her. So it can take months or years, but it will happen if you believe. Never say never. Baby dust.”


“Blood work just confirmed I am pregnant!! This is my story. HSG confirmed tubes were blocked in May 2015 by my gynecologist. I googled natural alternatives to unblocking tubes and found these therapies. Motivated by what I saw, I started in September.

I started seeing an RE in December. Repeat HSG showed tubes were open in February 2016. It also revealed abnormal thickening of the uterine lining – endometrial hyperplasia. I started treatment with Mirena IUD and Provera in March. Treatment lasted about five months after which biopsy showed the abnormal growth was gone.

I barely ovulate on my own. The first round of Clomid in September failed. I took October off. Then I did a second round of Clomid, Ovidrel and Estradiol in November. Just got a positive urine test and blood work. Hang in there ladies; the time is near. Thank you for the support.”


“I finally had my second HSG test. After hell and high water with getting an authorization and still finding out that I had to come out of pocket for half of the money, but half of that half was due up front at the lab. Well, money well spent! Both of my tubes are wide open!!

So here I post that this therapy does work and I floored the nurse because she sees so many people in our predicament and can’t help them but now she can give her patients some hope with these supplements. I am still in shock. The test wasn’t painful at all this time, and I didn’t even know when the dye went in. My nerves were shot, and I was just laying there waiting for him to tell me the dye was going in. No pain and very light pressure and it was over. Those words “both tubes are open” are still ringing in my ears, and this is my Merry Christmas!! Keep hope alive ladies!! This is just the beginning for me.”


“Hey! Just an update! I had blocked tubes with scar tissue plus swollen tubes (hydrosalpinx). I’ve been on Serrapeptase since December last year, and I fell pregnant in June this year. So far so good…the pregnancy is progressing very fine. Presently on my 6th month, although it’s not been easy lately because I lost my dad last month. So far so good…baby is kicking and healthy. Just to uplift your hopes. I’m praying that the Almighty will answer the rest of you soon. Stay blessed. Baby dust!!”


“Hey! Just wanted to share some good news! I am not pregnant yet…BUT I had an HSG scan in December after my ectopic- which was in October – and I was told my remaining tube was blocked, and I could only conceive through IVF. Today I had an inspection laparoscopy to confirm the blockage before moving to IVF, the tube is clear!!! I don’t need IVF anymore. I haven’t been so happy in a while. It removed a big weight from my shoulders to hear that. Just to let you know it is possible to unblock tubes.”


“My tubes are opened forever and ever. I had my laparoscopy yesterday and my tubes are wide opened! In March, I had an HSG, and the doctor said my left tube was blocked with adhesions and hydrosalpinx. I also had endometriosis with a fibroid, but my right tube was open. But it still looked weak and both might have been removed. He was so intimidating and said, “anyway it makes no difference removing them because I cannot have a baby with them,” he said, “you will have to do IVF.” But now (November) my tubes are wide OPEN!!!!! This really works!!!” 

Monica B.

Here’s my story. I’ve been TTC for almost 5 years now it’s been a struggle and constant heartbreak. Having PCOS can makes it hard to conceive so a couple years ago I had ovarian Drilling, my left tube unblocked, and polyps removed, but still no baby so my only option was to lose weight so I did 90lbs lost so far so I went back to my fertility doctor and we were going to start up with the medicines again to do an IUI. Was ordered to get an HSG finding out my polyps were back and both my tubes where blocked this time so I was told my only option was IVF to get pregnant and that also comes with a big Bill of $28,000. So my husband and I started to do research and came across Jodi page got a lot of info that was helpful so I started to do Castor packs every other night for an hour, 3 Serrapeptase in the am and pm (on an empty stomach) and originally start off with YiMu Cao and XiXian Cao Chinese tea that you drink but it was pure torture it was awful I had to mentally prepare myself to drink this 3 times a day but shortly after I started this thank God Jodi came out with YiMu Cao and XiXian Cao capsule form and it’s truly been a god-sent now I take 2 capsules at breakfast, lunch, And at dinner.I’ve been doing this 2 months consistently and staying on routine I take the pills at the same time everyday. Anyway yesterday I had surgery to take my polyps out and to attempt to unblock my tubes and to my surprise and the doctors surprise my tubes were completely unblocked and I truly believe it’s from the all the information that I’ve gotten from Jodi I followed her plan and there is no other explanation that this worked because two months ago no doubt that my my tubes were completely blocked and now they’re completely opened when he push the dye through he said it went right through both of them with no problem.. I’m so thankful I came across Jodi’s page because I truly believed IVF was my only option and it wasn’t Jodi is IVF isn’t your only option.. I have an appointment on the 10th of January to talk about my next step on getting pregnant now we have the option of doing an IUI or Naturally by timing thank you Jodi from all my heart because 2 month ago an IUI or naturally conceiving wasn’t even an option and now it is…


I am so thankful that I did not listen to doctors! Ive been searching for months on how to heal my fallopian tubes, and I’m excited to say I’m on the right track. I can wait to come back later and post my BFP!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS BLESSING!

Brandi C

I had a tubal reversal 8/2016. After months of trying to conceive with no luck I had an HSG performed 6/2017. The HSG showed that my left fallopian tube was closed, but my right was open. I frantically started trying to figure out what to do in order to open my left tube on my own, but with so many products out there it was just so overwhelming. I ran across Jodi’s book, “No! Ivf Is Not Your Only Option!” and knew I had to have it! I have strictly been following her guidance in the book for about a month now and can feel a remarkable difference already! She writes the book with such inspiration and positivity! Sure you can find all sorts of information online, but none as thorough as what Jodi gives in her book. She gives a step by step regimen on what to do, what to take, how to take it and how often. You definitely want to save yourself the time and hassle, go ahead and get the book and workbook now!! I promise you’ll thank me later!
I will be back soon to report my BFP! I know this is our month, I just know it!!
And an extra special thank you to Jodi for all of the time, hard work and God given love that you have put into all of your items! You are certainly a blessing to many!

Angela S

I was one of the few lucky people who got to view this awesome book pre-launch. It greatly exceeded my expectations and gave me new hope in restoring my fertility. One of my tubes is blocked. But hopefully, soon, that will be in the past, with the help of the strategies and detailed plan in this book. She has been in my shoes and she has done her homework. Thank you Jodi!

Sarah C

Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been looking for this info forever and I was getting so confused and overwhelmed. I can’t afford IVF, so I have to try something natural to unblock my tubes. Your book came just at the right time! It’s just what I needed and more. It made everything so much easier to understand with a phenomenal plan behind it. Can’t wait to give you my success story.

Kenya R.B.

This book is the absolutely best and the money spent was well worth it. It definitely gives me the push to keep moving forward with unblocking my tube naturally. In hopes one day I will be writing my review saying there unblocked and I’m pregnant..


So excited to receive my book and workbook! They arrived very fast even though I live in Europe. I am collecting all the products I need for phase one and really hope I can open both of my tubes and get my BFP! Jodi is so helpful and I am so thankful I found her program!

Aisha H

Amazing lady amazing book and text book fast delivery I was about to give up on having children until I found this book this book has made me look at my Fallopian tubes in a positive way now I have faith I will have a child at some point thank you Mrs shabazz

Erica Kim

I followed Jodie’s therapies when I was told from doctors that I would not conceive without ivf, I did the therapies for 7 weeks, at this point I had stage 3 Endometriosis. Once I had finished the therapy I conceive on the 2/9/16 and I now have a healthy 4 days old new born baby boy. Everything in Jodie’s book was what helped me to conceive and this was before she made her book. Thank you so much Jodie shabazz, amazing lady I couldn’t thank you enough. Please give it a try ladies. This therapy in this book will give you your blessing!! ❤️ Xxxxxxx

Maya H

Last October I was diagnosed with both blocked tubes — hydrosalpinx. This is the exact same blockage that the author of this book had. This is the worst type of blockage, and like her, I was told that i would have to have my tubes removed to have IVF. Well I couldn’t afford IVF so I never had the tubes removed. Now I am so glad that I didn’t! I got this book right when it came out because I was overwhelmed from everything I was reading online. I didn’t want to waste any more time or money trying to figure all this out on my own. So the price of this book is very fair. Compared to paying $12,000+ for IVF that my doctor was pushing me toward! On top of that, losing my tubes! I also might have been wasting money and time on stuff that might or might not work. Jody Shabazz’s book is worth GOLD! She could easily charge $100 plus and it would still be a drop in the bucket for the value in these pages. Oh! And the private member forum is amaaaazing!! I’m so grateful that I am now on the right track to unblocking my tubes and finally having my miracle baby. I can’t wait to come back and update with a pic of my beautiful baby. Coming soon!

Elena R

I’m so happy to be writing this review today. I bought this book and workbook right when it first came out. I think I was one of the first to get my hands on it! I had a tubal reversal in December of last year 2016. Then after I wasn’t getting pregnant, I went for an HSG to check the tubes in April found out both tubes were blocked! I was so upset!! But I googled and found this website and decided to try it. I couldn’t afford IVF, so it was really my last hope. Well, I did the things she suggests and lo and behold, today I found out…..I’M PREGNANT!!! I am freaking out and so excited I can’t stand it!! Just in April, I was devastated and thought I would never have this baby. I cannot thank Jodi enough for this valuable information. She really breaks everything down in easy to understand steps. It’s super easy to follow and you actually can FEEL your body healing somehow. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just KNEW I was healing. In the book, she makes you feel like she is right there with you the whole way. She is a great motivator and mentor as well. She also keeps you focused and on the task at hand, and doesn’t sugar coat it. She doesn’t let you give up. Highly, highly recommend this book set!!! Thank you Jodi so much!!


THANKS TO JODI AND HER BOOK I AM COMPLETELY HEALED! I was diagnosed with blocked tubes with hydrosalpinx after many years of infertility and also am suffering from endometriosis and PCOS. Doctors said my only option is to remove my fallopian tubes and go thru IVF if I want to get pregnant. I was crushed!! But IM SO THANKFUL that Jodi helped me to heal myself in ONLY 4 MONTHS! My tubes are not blocked anymore and completely healed. Her book is an eye opener, easy to read, its amazing! LADIES, if I did it, you can do it! Read this book, and it will give u a plan what to do to naturaly heal yourself! Im so happy and excited to start making a baby, my little miracle, now that Im healed! JODI, if you read this, THANK YOU. You changed my life. Im happy and healthy. Thats a great gift u gave me, and I don’t know how to ever thank you.


Well, my initial hsg was in 2005 (just got married and wanted to know why am I not falling pregnant) and results showed how both my tubes were blocked and the then doc could not do anything for me. On second opinion I had a laporoscopy and still the doc wrote me off saying I should forget that I will ever get pregnant. Fast forward to 2014-15 I had money to do Ivf and I was told I had hydrosalphinx and had to be fully sterilized with essure (coils to seal possible leakage) in order to start ivf. First Ivf attempts failed dismally with no frozen eggs. I tried again in 2015 and again the Ivf cycle didn’t work! I was crushed and penniless. I was now believing I have egg problems on top of my already damaged sterilized tubes. I then came across serrapeptase and Jodi’s fb group thru a friend! I took serrapeptase for almost a yr while still sterilized with essure and in 2018 my medical aid finally agreed to pay for my removal of these essure as they were making me sick! The operation was on the 20 Feb, had a follow up appointment with the doc a month later 22March. And then he showed me all he did and said he had to cut off my left tube due to damage and tried to clean my right tube and stated that he does not believe the tube will work and insisted I work on doing Ivf. I asked that he give me a referral letter for Hsg and went home to drink my serrapeptase and Chinese herb pills Xixiao. I did for a month and went for hsg! My right tube was clear as day with freee flow of dye! To say I m happy is an understatement. Never in my adult life have I ever had open tubes. I am almost going to 42 and hoping to fall preg naturally. These serrapeptase and Xi xiao works!!

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